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What should you consider changing on the website of your industrial company if you do not have Internet Sales?

Today, it is essential to have a presence on the internet. Consumers have changed and so have their purchasing processes. We must adapt to them and meet their needs. For the simple fact of having a web page, your internet sales will not increase or your customers will rain on you, but, you have to start with something.

As we have mentioned, having a website is not everything. You have to identify what is necessary to make it work, so that people visit your site and not your competition’s and, in the end, end up becoming your customer. But for this, you are going to have to work.

7 out of 10 online stores close before the end of the year. This is because having a presence on the Internet is available to anyone, but they are not prepared or do not know how to do things. And capital smart city don’t want it to happen to you, so keep reading.

It is possible that you already have a portfolio of clients formed and you want to offer them facilities, one of them, an online presence, so you have launched yourself into the world of technologies and the Internet and have created a website for your business. And very well done! But, you have realized that the results you expected in Internet sales are not what you are getting.

The same is because what you are doing is not working and you must consider other strategies.

We are going to give you some small tips on some key elements so that the website of your industrial business reaches its maximum splendor.

Internet sales: Offline vs. On-line 

It is clear that belonging to the industrial sector you will already carry out traditional offline actions, that is, you will already have a physical place -a store, a warehouse, etc.- and this will help you a lot . And we explain why.

When you have a physical place of your business, you are already clear about what your products and / or services are and you have previous experience in your sector. You are already clear about what works for you and what doesn’t; which is a great advantage.

Now, you have to know how to adapt it to your website and discover how to take advantage of it from there, since it is a different channel and Internet sales do not work in the same way as traditional ones. As in your local you make your customers see the benefits of your products / services, you have to make them see the same on your site. But don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds!

You simply have to make sure that what you put on your website is consistent with your values, with your value proposition. Make sure that you are the solution to their problems, but always from humility, we do not want them to think that we are arrogant.

It is also important that in the description of our products / services we show all the benefits they bring, without forgetting the competitive advantages (essential if any). But, as we have said before, always with caution, we do not want to appear presumptuous.

Web architecture 

The web structure is the most essential thing there is when creating a web page. And this is one of the great reasons why many of them often fail.

If you are here, it may be that you already have your website created, but nothing happens. Now you can find out if this is really one of the reasons why you don’t have visitors, if it isn’t, you can rest assured for now, but it is, you know where it is!

In case one of your faults is found here, you can rethink, depending on how serious it is, how to fix it. One of the options is to create a totally new web page, with a suitable web structure. The other, modify what you see that does not work and add what you are missing.

This you must weigh up. We know that the investment in a new website is high, but what about the benefits it will bring later? You must take into account the return on investment. This new opportunity will serve you for many years, since you will have a basic tool for life and it will help you grow and scale your business model digitally.

Some tips to increase your internet sales 

  • The home. You have to be clear that the home page is your cover letter. You must give a good image and this is where you have the opportunity to sell yourself well. You can take advantage of this section to talk about the mission, vision and value proposition of your company; You can talk about what you do, how many years do you have experience, how many professionals do you have in the business, how many clients have trusted you …
  • The menuIt should be clear and show everything you need, so that when a visitor enters your website, they can easily find things and find each topic on your site. But this is not enough. Everything that appears on the menu must have a meaningful order; It is not worth that the beginning appears first, then the contact and finally the product portfolio. Think first of all, all the sections that you want to appear on your menu and what would be a coherent order.
  • The portfolio of products and / or servicesYou have to make it very clear what you do, what you offer and / or what you sell. If a visitor, lead or customer has questions about your products or services, you are lost. Indicate them well, with their corresponding description, with a photo or videos … mention their benefits and, if you have any competitive advantage, don’t forget to put it!
  • The siteThe web page has to be, in general: short, clear and concise. This does not mean that you should omit information or stop putting things. You must put everything that will be useful for the visitor; but in a way that can be understood by anyone and also easy to handle.
  • Optimization. You have to bear in mind that the organization of your website and its contents is very important. We emphasize it, because your website must have certain characteristics so that Google can index it well (and that is usually one of the most common problems so they have few visits).

The Role of Content Marketing in Digital Selling 

Another factor that you should pay attention to is the visits. Do you have many visits but do not sell? Or, if you are thinking, can I know how many visits my website has? You already have the answer, you are doing something wrong.

When you create a web page, you must take the contents into account. This does not mean that by publishing any news or having long texts on your site you are going to sell more online.

You need to generate traffic to get leads or potential clients. This is a long process, but once they start coming in, they won’t stop coming. You always have to think about the benefits that you are going to obtain in the long term.

Therefore, a blog or a news section within your website is essential if you belong to an industrial sector.

The key to make it work for you is Content Marketing or Content Marketing. What does this mean? That everything you publish on your blog -or news section- must add value to the customer. That is to say: topics about your sector, solve the most common doubts that your clients have, propose solutions to their problems….        In the event that they are a visitor, this type of information will help to convert them into a lead and ultimately become one more consumer of your products / services.

Thanks to these contents in the form of articles, videos, ebooks … you will be able to position yourself better on the Internet and it will be easier for them to find you. In addition, a newsletter can be a great opportunity to show your clients the promotions you are offering and to talk to them about your products / services.

As you can see, you cannot put content marketing aside. This element is the opportunity to position yourself and to be above your competition.

Paid advertising 

If you are looking for something more immediate, paid advertising (such as Google Adwords) is the right thing to do. But you must bear in mind that an SEM strategy can only be used for specific campaigns or for certain times, since the long-term cost of this strategy can be very expensive for the results you are going to obtain.

The SEO positioning of your keywords is one of the most important factors to take into account.

Therefore, running paid campaigns can be a good support, but it should not be the only strategy you use to reach your potential customers. You must rely on content marketing and an SEO strategy for long-lasting results that will return your investment on a large scale.

Social media 

Another way to advertise for free is by using a social selling strategy .

As you already know, social networks are the order of the day and so are their users. Many of them, when they want to make a purchase of a new product or a brand they do not know, check their social networks first. In case they do not have them or they are neglected, it creates a great distrust of the customer and, in many cases, does not complete the purchase process.

Therefore, it is interesting that you consider having social networks in case you do not have them. This does not mean that you must open an account in each of the existing rrss. First you must find out which ones work well in your sector, which ones your competitors use and most importantly, which ones your clients use to search for or find out about companies like yours. Once you have them clear, you can get going.

As in content marketing, you should not neglect what you are going to publish. You have to think carefully about what you are going to publish and what is the most convenient for each account.

  • LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the quintessential social network for professionals. And that’s not all. In addition, it is the most used by companies and professionals in the industrial sector and it is free!

For companies in the industrial sector, this social network is perfect, because it breathes and encourages the exchange of knowledge. Which means added value in order to improve our conversions and increase sales.

Belonging to the industrial sector, LinkedIn can offer you the following advantages:

-It is the ideal network to establish business links

-Strengthens the identity and personality of the company

-Gives visibility to the template

-Helps to improve our sales

-It allows you to promote your products or services like no other network

If you want to know more about the social network for professionals, read the following article: “LinkedIn: What is it and how does it work for an industrial company”

Contact Form 

At this point, we must be honest, if the contact is not part of your menu, or, you have it but a contact form does not appear … you have nothing to do!

So, if your situation is one of these, get down to work. And we explain why.

If the visitors of your website or your clients do not have the necessary data to contact you, how are they going to do it?

In the event that your contact information does appear on your website, you may be wondering, and why a contact form if my information is already there? For the following: Inbound Marketing

By implementing an Inbound methodology, you will be able to get closer to your potential clients, offering them answers to their needs and concerns. You will be attracting them, in a natural and pampered way, to your products or services. In this way, as it is the consumer who approaches your company, their predisposition to purchase will be much higher.

Do you want to know more details about how Inbound Marketing works in the industrial sector? Find out in this post: ” Inbound marketing in the industrial sector: does it work?”

And this is achieved, among other things, with the contact forms . The moment the visitor leaves you their data, they become a lead. Now, you can communicate with him, it will be easier to make an appointment and for him to become your client. Although, if you want to do it in a less intrusive way, use Inbound.

With it, you can have a follow-up on your leads, what benefits you and, in addition, it can give you advantages on how to approach it, with what excuses … and what is the best method to make the first approach? An email. It’s the perfect way to break the ice. The email marketing can help a lot too in this process and how to communicate with your future customers, is a great tool to remind you what you have spoken in a meeting to give a presentation you have used, send a budget … is ideal to keep track of the sales process to your client.

How and why to measure your results

And, finally, the last fundamental element to sell more online: measure .

It is essential to measure to know how things are working. As we mentioned before, you have to know how many visits you have on your website and, by default, of all those visits, how many are converted into leads and customers.

In this way, you can keep track of what is happening on your website and seeing the results you have, what measures to take. With these measurements, you can calculate how much it costs you to find and keep a customer, for example; And so you can consider other strategies to improve that process and that it costs you less and less to get them and, even less, to maintain them.

One of the measures that you should always keep in mind is ROI – return on investment. With this return we can find out what the benefit has been after an investment, whether in an action, in a campaign, in a project …

But, in order to calculate this formula, we must first ask ourselves three questions:

-How much does it cost us to get a client?

-How much income does this client generate for us?

-What traffic sources convert the most leads?

To control all that web traffic, you can use free tools like Google Analytics. With it, you can monitor the traffic on your website and you can find out data of interest, such as: the number of pages they have visited within your site, how long they have been on each one, where they are viewing it, from which device … resulting in relevant information for your analysis and future strategies.

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To make sure that everything is clear to you, we are going to give you some last tips in summary mode:

-Don’t think that because you have a website, your business is already fully operational

-Fall in love with what you sell and that your customers can see it

-Project to leave offline advertising behind and start focusing on Inbound Marketing

-Use the sales funnel tool

-Find out everything you can about your Buyer Persona and their purchasing process

-Work your value proposition

-Have a well-defined customer service process

“There is no failure, except when we stop trying.”

We hope that these little tips have been able to help you. Even so, you can contact us to ask us your problem and, we can help you and present a solution.