Saturday, November 27


What should you consider changing on the website of your industrial company if you do not have Internet Sales?

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Today, it is essential to have a presence on the internet. Consumers have changed and so have their purchasing processes. We must adapt to them and meet their needs. For the simple fact of having a web page, your internet sales will not increase or your customers will rain on you, but, you have to start with something. As we have mentioned, having a website is not everything. You have to identify what is necessary to make it work, so that people visit your site and not your competition's and, in the end, end up becoming your customer. But for this, you are going to have to work. 7 out of 10 online stores close before the end of the year. This is because having a presence on the Internet is available to anyone, but they are not prepared or do not know how to do things. And capital sma...

Industrial Inbound Marketing Strategy: Checklist to optimize it if you are not obtaining the expected results

Is your company developing an Industrial Inbound Marketing strategy on its own or together , but is not obtaining the expected results? At capital smart city islamabad we are an agency specialized in B2B that has generated real results , growing the turnover and business of our clients. It's time to analyze your strategy and find out what may be going wrong. For this we have prepared this article and a checklist that will allow you to keep an order and control, which you can download for free right here, in the pop-up on the left!     Consumer behavior has changed. Now, the customer, before buying a product or service, searches the Internet to understand his problem or need. "Google" or "Siri" are more and more essential in our lives. At Connext we work with B2B compa...