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Industrial Inbound Marketing Strategy: Checklist to optimize it if you are not obtaining the expected results

Is your company developing an Industrial Inbound Marketing strategy on its own or together , but is not obtaining the expected results? At capital smart city islamabad we are an agency specialized in B2B that has generated real results , growing the turnover and business of our clients.

It’s time to analyze your strategy and find out what may be going wrong. For this we have prepared this article and a checklist that will allow you to keep an order and control, which you can download for free right here, in the pop-up on the left!



Consumer behavior has changed. Now, the customer, before buying a product or service, searches the Internet to understand his problem or need. “Google” or “Siri” are more and more essential in our lives. At Connext we work with B2B companies , but we cannot forget that, when selling, we are still dealing with people.

You may have realized that traditional marketing no longer works the way it used to. Now, large companies are betting on Inbound Marketing , a strategy that attracts customers by offering them relevant and valuable content. The key to success lies in meeting the customer’s needs, placing them at the center of your business model.


What can Inbound Marketing do for your industrial company


  •  Loyalty with your customers

The Inbound strategy will offer your customers quality content, content that will help them achieve their own goals, as well as present new products and features that will be of interest to them.

At the end of the Inbound process, customers must be prescribers of your service / product or your brand and therefore, one of the elements that is worked within the Inbound strategy is loyalty . Offering your customers valuable content, features of interest and helping them, transmits trust and quality, and they value that very much.

Working on loyalty in industrial companies is very important. If you sell to other companies, it is not only important that your product is good or useful. It is important that you provide good customer service and respond quickly to incidents. In this context, a complete CRM like HubSpot can be key to your growth.


  •  Know and measure the ROI of your digital actions

If you need to know the success of a marketing campaign, forget about traditional techniques! How many times have you been to fairs or events and have you known exactly the success of your campaign? In the digital environment, and thanks to Inbound Marketing, this is possible.

Today there are tools that can help you know and measure the ROI in each of your digital actions. This type of tool can record your KPIs in real time and will allow you to project different scenarios with 100% reliable objectives.


  •  Omnipresence

Nowadays, the B2B client searches for their needs through the internet and, in addition, they can search for that information at any time of the day.

The digital environment offers an advantage that other platforms cannot offer: that your website is available and active 24 hours a day. And what is the advantage of this? That your buyer persona can have access to it looking for what they need and contact you through downloads or content forms.


  •  Exclusiveness

It is true that many industrial companies have an advanced level of digitization, but only 8% of industrial companies in Spain have fully achieved it, according to studies.

For example, Artesanía Cerdá, a company we work with at Connext, has managed to increase its international turnover by 1,950% with an Industrial Inbound Marketing strategy designed for internationalization into new European markets.

Using the Inbound strategy correctly generates better results for your company, since it causes the appearance of important niches where your company can succeed and creates valuable content for your potential customers


  •  Automate processes

Likewise, using an Inbound strategy allows you to work with automated marketing tools capable of monitoring the processes related to the qualification of the segmentation of your database.

In addition, this tool will allow you to control your contacts and create content adapted to their behavior and needs, you will be able to get to know your buyer persona better in order to create suitable content for him and improve it.

Also in this article, you will know: c hat are profiles Buyer ideal person for industrial companies. 


  •  Employ a global strategy


Using Inbound Marketing in your B2B company, makes all the elements that have been mentioned above related to each other and manages to generate a comprehensive strategy that helps the customer during their purchase process.

This process is more detailed in the case of B2B companies, but what is initially a drawback becomes an advantage when implementing and optimizing content and actions for each phase.

As you have seen, using the Inbound strategy correctly will generate better results for your company. If you are not yet applying this methodology or you are not obtaining the results you expected. From Connext we can help you!